Tuesday, January 19

Erectile Dysfunction? Protect Your Erection With These Tips

As men age, erectile dysfunction–also referred to as impotence–becomes a more common occurrence. This is the inability to get or maintain an erection to perform sexual intercourse. Even though it’s a common incident, we don’t want it happening to us at the most important time. As said on https://www.vacumed.com.au/, men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, which can directly affect the blood flow to the penis. This means that having trouble getting an erection is not necessarily a part of aging that men have to go through.

Here are a few tips that will protect your erection and keep you on top of your game for years to come.

  • Watch what you eat. Food intake is one of the most overlooked aspects. A bad diet can easily hurt your ability to have erections. Remember to eat fruits and vegetables while avoiding fatty and fried foods as well as processed food. Anything that can harm your heart can affect the penis.
  • Regulate your blood pressure. High cholesterol can harm blood vessels that deliver blood to the penis. Regularly check your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Also, try to avoid alcohol intake as chronic drinking can affect your liver and nerves negatively. This intrudes on the balance of male sex hormone levels and can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Say NO to cigarettes. It is said on https://www.vacumed.com.au/, that smoking does not only affect your lungs but also your blood vessels. Nicotine prompts the contraction of blood vessels and can restrict blood flow to the penis. In addition to a healthy diet, if you smoke, taking it out of the equation will help lessen the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. This is directly related to the first tip about being conscious of your food intake. Being overweight can trigger health problems such as diabetes, which can affect nerves in the body and eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Stay active. Exercise complements your diet, so keep in mind that it is important to take part in any form of aerobic exercise. Recommended exercises include swimming, running, and stretching, all of which prove to help prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • Monitor your testosterone levels. Men’s testosterone levels often decline around age 50. This affects sex drive, low stamina, and erections.
  • Keep your zen. Stress increases adrenaline levels and makes blood vessels contract. Anything bad for your blood vessels can make having an erection difficult. Make sure you ease tensions, relax, and check on your emotions from time to time to ensure that you are at your 100%.

The best way to maintain an active and enjoyable sex life is keeping your body healthy. Understand the changes you face and are about to face. Don’t be afraid to consult your doctor if issues are affecting your sex life. Visit https://www.vacumed.com.au/ and don’t let erectile dysfunction threaten your sex life as you get older. With the advancements in medical technology today, there’s no need to worry about physical problems that can threaten your sex life.