Garden Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Landscape for Spring

Spring is one of the best times to work on your landscape since the weather is ideal to nurture your plants. Summer can often be too harsh on your green landscape while winter could cause damage to your outdoor plants. Hence, it is important to know your spring maintenance routine for your landscape to restore its beauty. You can choose to hire professional services for landscaping St Kilda has to offer. But if you take your own measures to care for your landscape during spring time, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Plus, you can keep your landscape looking its best.

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Add New Mulch

During fall and winter, mulch is often placed onto your landscape to facilitate in giving it protection from the elements. If you want to encourage the growth of your plants, you need to move the mulch away from the growing plants. If you do that, you allow the plants to breathe and grow. It is also recommended that you add new mulch at the plant’s base. This will offer two benefits to your plants: 1) it will suppress the growth of weeds, and 2) it will facilitate the growth of the plants. If possible, try to use organic mulch such as shredded bark or compost. This will boost the nutrient level of the soil and also strengthen its structure.

Feed Your Plants

One of the tricks recommended by experts for landscaping St Kilda has today is to feed your plants during spring. Choose a slow release plant food in order to facilitate growth. If you can find a plant food that has insecticide too, make sure you choose that one, especially if your plant has had insect problems in the past.

Add Fertilizer

Another recommended step for maintenance of landscaping in St Kilda by experts is to add fertilizer to your landscape (especially if it is less than 5 years old). This will guarantee optimum growth for your plants and also keep the entire landscaped area looking healthy. The newly planted shrubs and perennials will get the most benefit from the added nutrients. This will enable the shrubs and perennials to penetrate into the soil and stay healthy.

When using fertilizer on the landscaped lawn and plants, make sure to read the directions thoroughly. It is important that you apply the right amount at the ideal time. If you put fertilizer at the wrong time of the year (or you put too much of it), it can cause damage to your plants.

Put Your Tools to Use

Spring is also the best time to work with St Kilda landscaping to groom your plants and lawn. If you have a large lawn, it makes sense to hire a professional to mow the lawn and keep it looking pristine. During the winter, your lawn is unattended and it can result in weed growth or uneven growth in the shrubs. These should be cut down to keep the landscape looking pristine.

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